How about Insurance for Volunteer Drivers?

Whether it’s taking older people to and from the Day Centre, driving people to their hospital appointment or helping distribute leaflets and posters volunteer drivers contribute a great deal to our organisations.

Here are some key points about how to manage and support your volunteer drivers:

  • Volunteers should inform their insurance providers about their volunteering activities, however, this should not result in an increase in their premium.  The Association of British Insurers has produced information about the conditions insurance companies have in connection to volunteer drivers.

  • The HM Revenue and Customs approved expenses mileage rate for volunteer drivers is 45p per mile plus 5p per passenger per mile. For example, someone carrying four passengers can claim 65p per mile. Organisations do not have to offer this rate but they should not offer more as it could be seen as a payment. The mileage rate that can be claimed should be consistent for all volunteers and should be agreed beforehand, it’s best to have this as part of a written policy.
  • Organisations need to decide how they will ensure that drivers and vehicles are as safe as they should be. Copies of driving licences, MOTs, Insurance certificates etc can be asked for but remember to explain why this is needed – not just to be difficult but to ensure everyone’s safety.

Community Transport Association regarding Minibuses.


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