Trustees are volunteers too! As Trustee’s Week approaches, it’s a good time to think about how we can recruit and support them

Arguably, Trustees have the most important role of all those people giving their time for free to your organisation. Why are they getting involved and are you supporting them to achieve their own goals?
Reasons why someone might volunteer to be a Trustee:
• Opportunity to acquire and develop new skills
• Improvement of CV and raising self-confidence
• Improvement of work-life balance and reduction of stress
• Personal satisfaction and enjoyment
• For people made redundant or taking a career break, it can fill a CV gap and maintain skills and confidence
• Retired or approaching retirement it can be an opportunity to share experience and skills.
• Commitment to a particular charity or cause.

When trying to recruit new Trustees these are the types of motivations you should try to tap into. It’s important to review how your Trustees are able to continue developing their skills or acquire a greater understanding of the services you provide. As with all volunteers, they may not want to get more involved but it’s nice to be asked.

Many people don’t really understand the role or responsibilities of Trustees. How can you make it easier for someone to understand what they might be getting themselves into? A clear idea of the time commitment, the length of service expected and the support that will be given can help take away some of people’s fears.
The Volunteer Centre Croydon regularly promotes Trustee volunteering opportunities via our own website, in order to register a vacancy for free please complete these forms but there are other more specialised websites such as:
NCVO Trusteebank
Trustee Net
Trustee Works
Getting on Board

Any other examples of how to recruit Trustees that you can share?
Click here for more information about Trustee’s Week


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